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About the St. Louis Campus

The Everest College - St. Louis campus is situated at 3420 Rider Trail South, just north of the intersection of I-70 and Earth City Expressway northwest of downtown St. Louis.

In addition to having ample off-street parking, the campus is also close to the metro bus route along River Glen Drive, just two blocks to the north. Contact a campus representative or your local Transit Authority for more detailed route and schedule information.

For students with small children, several daycare centers are situated within a mile of the campus. These include First Academy Child Care Center, Grace Christian Academy, Tammy's Tumbling & Dance Center and Strawberry Hill Academy. A campus representative also may be able to suggest additional on- or off-campus accomodations.

It's simple to grab a bite to eat before or after class. A number of popular restaurants are located within just blocks of the Everest campus. These include Jack-in-the-Box, McDonald's, Quizno's, Thai Bowl and Imo's Pizza.

More about St. Louis

"The Gateway City," St. Louis played a major role in the settlement of the American West as tens of thousands of Easterners passed through its streets on their way to Kansas, Texas, Colorado -- and beyond. Today, it remains a vibrant metropolis with a metro-area population of approximately 3 million situated both east and west of the Mississippi River.

Today, St. Louis is home to many of America's top companies. The city has more than 20 Fortune 1000 company headquarters in its metro area, and ranks No. 4 among homes to Fortune 500 corporations. In the financial area, St. Louis-based companies include Scottrade, Edward Jones and Wachovia Corporation. It is also the world headquarters for Energizer, Playtex, Schick, Enterprise Rent-a-Car, Character Communications, Emerson Electric and Monsanto. Of course, no discussion of St. Louis would be complete without mentioning beer-maker Anheuser-Busch.

With no mountains or large bodies of water to moderate its climate, St. Louis is subject to dramatic temperature swings over its four seasons. The summer months tend to be very hot and humid, while winters can be quite cold and brutal. The city receives considerable precipitation all year long and the area is prone to tornado activity during the spring and summer months.

St. Louis boasts many museums and other cultural attractions. The St. Louis Art Museum, located in Forest Park and dating from the 1904 World's Fair, houses an impressive array of modern art and ancient artifacts, with an extensive collection of master works of several centuries. Forest Park, which is larger than New York's Central Park, is also home to the world-class St. Louis Zoo. The city's most famous landmark is arguably the Gateway Arch. Opened in 1965, it stands in the center of the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial Park, which occupies the exact site of the original French village of St. Louis (1764-1804).

A city with a vibrant arts and culture community, St. Louis is a city again on the rise, with its population expanding for the first time since 1950. Be part of this resurgence by starting your career training with Everest College - St. Louis -- today.

Everest College - St Louis Campus

3420 Rider Trail South Earth City, MO 63045

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